Conducting business with, or on behalf of, US WorldMeds

The environment in which US WorldMeds operates is both highly regulated and demanding. Our commitment as individuals to standards that are ethical and fair provides the basis for dealing with our various constituents: the public, customers, and each other.

The Code of Conduct ("Code") contains principles and standards to guide our business behavior. Irrespective of any other changes in our business, US WorldMeds commits to practice the highest standards of business conduct. The Code of Conduct is intended to assist in the fulfillment of our commitment to integrity and to act as the basic guide to our program of compliance with the laws under which we operate. Our actions convey the spirit and intent of this Code.

We are committed to the Code and would like to offer the following preliminary thoughts:

US WorldMeds' drive for excellence begins and ends with a commitment to ethical conduct and compliance with law. With your support we know that the Company's reputation of integrity and fair dealing will continue to be a source of pride for all of us.

P. Breckinridge Jones
Chief Executive Officer
H. Lee Warren
Chief Operating Officer

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